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Wherever did the mixtape get to?


Happy Valentine’s Day to all you lovers out there. Remember way back when, there was only one way to show your love? I remember the first time I fell in love (besides with Pierce Brosnan when I was 8 years old) was in eighth grade. It was a heart-wrenching crush for a boy who was more interested in deciding which fatigues to wear that day than in acknowledging my passing glances. He was in my double-period Art class (which probably explains my impartiality for artists) and to prove my undying love… I made him a mix tape, what else?

It had all my heart-stopping favorites that also perfectly expressed my unrequited love in a way that words simply couldn’t:

  • Love Hurts by Nazareth,
  • Dancing with Myself by Billy Idol,
  • Should I Stay or Should I Go and
  • Death and Glory by The Clash,
  • Love Conquers All by Deep Purple,
  • Enchanted by Fleetwood Mac,
  • From Her to Eternity by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds,
  • Lust for Life by Iggy Pop,
  • I’m Waiting For The Man by The Velvet Underground and
  • Call Me by Blondie.

Nick Cave

The Velvet Underground


Thank God junior high school crushes are long gone but mix tapes don’t have to be. Luckily there is the The Mixtape Club started by Micah Panama and Brian Thomas, who are “… dedicated to the art of the mixtape.” For the month of March artists featured range from Molly Nilsson and Bob Marley to Al Green and Leila. Check it out.


Lady Gaga does amFAR encrusted in pearls

Lady Gaga at the amFAR gala in  NYC

Lady Gaga at the amFAR gala in  NYC

Lady Gaga performs at the amFAR gala

Lady Gaga performs at the amFAR gala

Lady Gaga performed at the amFAR charity gala in New York yesterday, covered in pearls to raise awareness for the prevention of AIDS for The Foundation for AIDS Research. The little white pearls were literally glued to her skin in a statement regarding the terrible effects the disease causes to the skin and the body.