Happy 2015!

Happy New Year 2015

I am nature’s child, fortune smiles upon me. All things bloom in the gentleness of my love. I strive to find beauty in all I behold. I AM THE SHEEP.

We bid adieu to the year of the Horse today Wednesday, February 18th, 2015, and welcome in the more gentle Wood Sheep. This year we will see an increased focus on the creative arts. You too may feel the pull to start a painting class, learn to play the guitar or start planting that organic garden you always wanted to start.

It is a good time for re-establishing relationships with family, friends and kindred spirits. Do not be surprised if people from your past begin to show up in your life again. As Wood is still in charge, energy will pour out, bringing growth and prosperity. Wood is about money, opportunity, abundance, growth, and enterprise.

Use this time to build positive relationships in all areas of your life and celebrate the big and small moments. Hang out with like-minded and high vibrational energy people, which signals the universe of your intentions and in turn it sends more like-minded people and opportunities your way.


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