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Anime + Fashion = True Cosplay Love

Cosplay fashion

Last night the Museum at FIT hosted Tokyo Fashion Festa NY, which included a Cosplay fashion show featuring costumes inspired by favorite characters from manga and anime followed by a make-up demonstration on applying your own cosplay and subcultural looks like “Gothic Lolita”. After the event, there was a tea party reception where you could pick up your complimentary tube of paint-on fake eyelashes.

Japanese pop culture as interpreted through manga, anime or videogames has increasingly been influencing fashion designers and artists. Cosplay (costume play) is not a subversive street style but rather more likened to Halloween dress up as popular characters from manga (comic books), anime (animated films), or video games. It may sound like a limited subgroup but interest seems to be growing not only in Japan but also in the US.


Model-pretty in the NY heatwave

The Sartorialist: Heat Wave, New York City

This is one of my all-time favorite “model-pretty” photos of NYC. What I mean by model-pretty is that it looks staged though it isn’t.

I love Berlin for its authenticity

The Sartorialist: Claude, Berlin

I have a nostalgia for all things Berlin… its sense of style, music, art scene, you name it. But I especially love its people and their no-nonesense sensibilities. It’s so refreshingly honest and this photo says it all.

This is so NYC

Bleecker St., West Village, The Sartorialist